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I get it, bad reviews can be hard. As an author, I understand how disheartening getting a negative review can be and how easy it is to get caught up in it. But instead of focussing on the negative, it’s important to understand all of the positive benefits that can come from reviews and how they can ultimately shape your book marketing strategies.

How you choose to handle book reviews will ultimately impact your success as an author. Not everyone is going to love your stuff, thats just the truth. However, how you learn from criticism shows a lot about how serious you are about your success in this industry.

We created this quiz based on our podcast Minisode: What Your Book Review Process Says About You. 

If you haven’t listened, I highly recommend it!

We talk about how to approach reviews and what you can learn from them- yes, even the bad ones!

I need to mention again, there’s no hard and fast rule or perfect equation for success when it comes to author marketing.

However, we will always be super honest with you, and success takes work. It requires educating yourself, and it requires committing to doing it better going forward.

The beauty with marketing is you get a fresh start with each title you release as you switch up your book marketing strategies!

So don’t be afraid to share your score and anything you learned in the comment section. I assure you you’re in good company because part of learning is making mistakes.

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