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The Best Book Marketing Minisode Round-Up is a recap of several minisodes on our Book Marketing Tips and Author Success podcast.

Did you know you can listen to the best book marketing tips in under 10 minutes? It’s true–while our full length episodes are great for really digging into a topic, we also produce short and sweet “minisodes” where we focus on one particular aspect of book marketing or authorship and give it to you straight.

Below is a short intro to a few of our minisodes, so if one or more of them piques your interest, scroll down to the Resources and Free Downloads section to listen!

Minisode: Writing Books in Different Genres

It can be really tempting to write cross-genre, especially when creativity strikes. But the best book marketing strategy for genre writing is to consider your readers. Will your multi-genre work confuse or put off your current readers? Will you have to maintain separate social media accounts and websites?

In this minisode we walk you through the potential pitfalls of trying to write across multiple genres; we explain what works, what doesn’t, and how Amy’s go-to test question, “Do I Feel Special?” can get you right back on track.

Minisode: Be Careful When Tethering Your Book to a News Story or Popular Culture

Yes, as an author you still have topics you’re passionate about, like politics or social justice, and it’s intriguing to want to weave those into your fiction or non-fiction book, so we’ll discuss how this can limit or support your marketing plan in strategic ways.

In this minisode you’ll earn how to be strategic when anchoring your book to a potentially hot-button issue.

how to sell self published books through your website

Minisode: Dealing with Bad Reviews

It’s happened to all of us – even Penny! We get it, and we empathize. But guess what? There’s a certain mindset you can adopt to depersonalize the bad review, lean into objectivity, and become even a better writer for it!

Let us tell you what part of the review to take note of, what part you can (and should!) ignore, and how to quell the urge to petition Amazon to remove it.

Minisode: Why Non-Fiction Authors Must Be Experts to Succeed

Nonfiction books are often born out of the inspiration, passion, and experience of the author, which is usually what makes it so appealing to readers! But if the author doesn’t know their topic inside and out, the competitive world of publishing will inevitably find that weak spot, and the opportunity to reach a larger audience can fade away.

In this minisode we talk about the growing potential for nonfiction topics, explain why being an expert in that topic is a must, and share a surefire way to strengthen not only your credibility but the potential for book sales too!

Resources and Free Downloads

Sell More Books on Amazon

Amazon Cheatsheet

Minisode: Writing Books in Different Genres podcast

Minisode: Be Careful When Tethering Your Book to a News Story or Popular Culture podcast

Minisode: Dealing with Bad Reviews podcast

Minisode: Why Non-Fiction Authors Must Be Experts to Succeed podcast

Check out Jane Friedman’s site, she’s an excellent resource 

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