How can I sell more books during the holidays?


Receive a personalized, detailed assessment of your holiday book marketing plan!



Let me help you with customized tips and recommendations!

To find out where the holes are in your approach and get personalized recommendations to get noticed by more readers and buyers simply provide us with some basic information about your current holiday marketing approach and what you have planned.

I’ll assess things like:

  • Your website and how well it’s set up for sales
  • Your social media presence
  • Your Amazon product listing
  • Your Amazon keywords and categories
  • Your current marketing plans

What I’ll need from you:

You’ll be asked to provide a description of what you’re doing for any or all of the 50 tips listed in my latest book. For anything you list I’ll gladly provide feedback on your ideas and provide tips and recommendations for even more you can do.

Basically I’m helping you come up with a much more robust holiday marketing plan!

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Check out what other authors have said about our other personalized book marketing assessments:

“What I found most exceptional compared to the millions of other offers out there for authors is that this was indeed a tailored assessment of my own web presence, rather than generalized advice.” – Author Helena Schrader

“I appreciate knowing what I’ve done well so far and how that can be improved, as well as areas where I’ve fallen short and how to fix those issues. I was afraid it would be more generalized (“have a stronger presence on Goodreads”) so I really appreciated specific ideas on how to accomplish the suggestions.” – Author Stacy Monson

You can expect your assessment within 10 business days.