Learn How to Sell Books with Reviews in 5 Minutes

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Book Marketing Basics, Getting More Book Reviews

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Reviews are one key strategy when considering how to sell books. Some Amazon book promotion ideas rely on reviews. Authors sometimes right out ignore reviews because they’re a hassle — but you could learn how to handle them in just five minutes.

Our Book Marketing Tips and Author Success podcast has a pretty solid library of minisodes, essentially sales and marketing tips that you can soak up in five minutes or less.

So if you commit to spending just a few minutes a week listening to a minisode, and then a few more minutes following through with our recommendations – you can have an established author brand ready to be seen by the masses before the end of summer and learn how to market your book the right way.

Here’s a recap of just some of the minisodes you can access in our podcast library:

What Should You Do With Bad Reviews?

They happen to all of us. Sometimes that just wasn’t the reader for you but other times, it can be a productive experience.

If there are constructive elements, note the information. Do this especially if there are reviews that are consistently mentioning the same thing. This can likely be a weak spot in your writing and something you can continue to work on.

However, there are plenty of times when readers just write a couple of sentences saying the book is bad without going into detail. These aren’t worth the time or the mental space. But even in this case, don’t ask Amazon to remove the review — they’re not going to do it.

Reviews and Amazon Book Promotion

Your Amazon Author Central page is essentially your bookstore. There are so many tips and tricks for optimizing your page, but one thing you can easily add is a review!

And if you’ve already added some stellar reviews, you can always add actual star ratings or emojis. They’re eye-catching and add some extra flare to the page. These visuals attract readers so much better than a black and white screen.

Details like this help you really stand out amongst the other authors in your genre. No matter how small they may seem, they’re the difference in how to sell books.

Book Marketing and Promotion

How to Sell Books with Press Kits — Don’t

It’s been a long time since I’ve mailed a physical press kit. Certainly, physical copies are out of date. But what about digital ones when it comes to how to sell books and get reviews?

Digital ones are probably okay. If you’re looking for reviews or media coverage as a method of how to sell books, send a great pitch. It’s shorter and to the point — and if they’re interested, they’ll look into you.

If you are looking into digital press releases, or even printed ones, be careful where you’re investing your time and your money. Kits can be pricey and easily sent where they don’t need to be.

No matter how you might feel about reviews, they’re important in many different ways including Amazon book promotion. You can use them to your advantage in how to sell books, even the bad ones, or you can let them control you. And if you decide to ignore them, there is a ton of wasted potential in them.

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  1. Ramahari Patra

    Really good guidance.
    I m yet to be a writer. Have written a number of short-stories and poems in English. But, don’t know how to publish my works in suitable publishing house. Friends suggest KDP is the good publisher for the beginners.How my writings will be uploaded in KDP, I don’t know.
    Please guide me in this regard.
    Thanking you.

    Ramahari Patra

    • Penny Sansevieri

      I’m glad to know this guidance is helpful. Please feel free to visit our website and fill out the form for a free consultation.


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