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Social media can be a quick fix for any book marketing plan no matter the size of your online presence — if you know how to use it. It’s free and it can reach readers far and wide, but it can be a dangerous time suck. If you’re wondering how to market a book online without wasting a ton of time (or burning out), here are six simple tips for doing just that.

It’s incredibly important to make social media part of your book marketing plan and to use it correctly, we all know that. Like I mentioned above, it’s free marketing.

Social media is a great strategy for author visibility. You have nearly your entire readership in the palm of your hands, and you can perfectly curate the message you want them to see.

So, let’s look at how to market a book with this fantastic tool without wasting time.

Creating an efficient social media book marketing plan

It may be impossible to leave your newsfeed, but there are ways to avoid even looking at it. Management tools, for example, keep you off of the actual app as much as possible. And they allow you to do even more, like track your engagement and your metrics.

You can do so much without even opening the social app!

Without the platforms’ built-in distractions, you’ll have more time to craft your brand and to do what you do best — write.

Maximizing your time on social media without distractions may take some adjusting in your book marketing plan but with these tips, you’ll know just where to start.


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