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Have you ever considered entering your book into a contest as part of your book marketing plan? Perhaps you’ve wondered what a book award could do for you? Book awards are often a great way to gain recognition for your book, and also it’s a great way to get feedback.

Awards may seem glamorous, and they truly are fantastic, but the award itself won’t help you sell more books, it’s what you do after you receive the honor.

Book awards, in their most basic form, are designed to shed light and praise on the best books in a particular genre, and most book awards offer categories for just about any major genre – even poetry (which always tends to be tougher to market).

But what does a book award really do for your book marketing plan?

Well, as it turns out, a lot! From helping to build your platform, to pulling in more readers (book awards are eye-candy), and yes you can even sell more books. Entering these competitions can really offer indie authors a boost.

Check out our helpful infographic on how you can work awards and contests into your book marketing plan.

Book Marketing and Promotion Through Book Awards and Contests

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