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Have you ever looked at your KDP sales dashboard and wondered how you can sell more books in other countries? We have a client who noticed she’s selling a bunch of books in Japan and wondered if there’s a way she can rack up more sale there.

Aside from pitching specific blogs in those areas, or doing advertising geared to that market (all of this takes time and money), you could also take a few minutes and claim your Author Central pages in these international countries. It’s quick and easy and the best part is that all the international Author Central pages are the same. So let’s first review countries that do not have Author Central pages set up.

  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands

These countries all list your book, but don’t have a page connecting all of your titles. What’s ironic is that most of our authors don’t sell a lot of books in these areas, unless the book is connected to them specifically. Like, for example, a book about Mexican heritage with may do well on Amazon’s website in Mexico.

Next, let’s look at the countries that do have Author Central pages, these are:

  • France
  • Japan
  • UK
  • Germany

Let’s have a quick look at what you can expect to see on a few of these pages. First – let’s look at France:

French Amazon Author Central Page |

It is slightly different than your USA Amazon Author Central page albeit in a different language, right? Of course your author bio will remain in English, but if your books are in English too, this works just fine. Next, let’s take a look at Germany:

German Amazon Author Central |

The German version of Amazon Author Central looks more like the version you’re used to seeing, once again in a different language.

A note on Japan’s Author Central pages: First, you have to first register yourself there. So you’ll use your same username and password as you do for the US site and it takes just a few clicks, so don’t let the “new registration” deter you.

From there, the system will ask to verify your email; in fact, all of the sites do this. Once it’s verified you’re good to go.

Your Author Central Tools

Pro-Tip! When you’re doing this, use the Chrome browser, it has a quick “translate” button which is far more accurate than any others I’ve tried. In one quick step you can quickly take a Japanese website and translate it into English.

First up you’ll need your bio. Now you can use whatever bio you created for yourself on your US page, but it might be nice if you enhance it to fit the country you are targeting. So, for example, let’s say you have an international mystery that takes the reader from the UK to Germany and beyond, you may want to address that in your bio, that international connection could help to pull in a reader from that country.

Images and Video

A while back, Amazon removed the “add images” to the actual book page, but has now moved this to the Author Central Page, you can add up to 8 images with this and, the best part is you can remove and replace them with new images all the time. So let’s say you’ve released a new book, add a new image. Or you have a promotion coming up, or you’ve won an award, by all means add an image of the award, too. Readers love seeing awards you’ve won!

Your video can be anything from you talking at an event, to an actual book video you did or had done. Video is a great enhancement tool, and the best part? You can upload as many as you’d like, I’ve done as many as three or four but I did not see a video limit per se.

Your Books

The other fun piece about this is that the system is really good about grabbing all of your books, just make sure that you click on the “Books” tab.


The Final Result!

Here you can see Author Central Pages across several countries, they’re robust, engaging and keep all of the author’s books in one place so the readers can spot them easily.

How to Access All of These Pages

And to make it simple for you, here are the links to access and update each of your pages. Yes, it’s that easy!

But Does it Sell Books?

Yes, I can tell you it does. In fact authors we’ve done this for have seen a substantial uptick in sales international markets as they’ve updated these pages. Keep in mind that if you already selling books in these markets, this will help you a great deal. If you aren’t, let’s say, selling books in Germany, you may not see any immediate effect there. But it’s still a fabulous thing to have, update and optimize!

Want a bigger push?

We can help! Keywords and categories on Amazon are always changing, luckily for you we’re on top of it. Read more about recent changes here, and then check out our Amazon Optimization Package! And be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get exclusive discounts!

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