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Social media is a big part of book marketing. I know that I recently said that there may be less emphasis on social media in the future, and that indie authors should refine their social media, only participating where they NEED to be. But the fact is, it will still be important for quite some time. And, with time increasingly a limiting factor for most of us indie authors, it’s important to use social media tools that will make our book promotion efforts much smoother. So here are 10 of the best new social media tools for indie authors! And, the best part, most of them are free, have free options, or are very low cost!

  1. Buffer – If you need to keep track of social media or schedule different content sharing across multiple networks, Buffer is something you may want to consider! The free version is likely all most authors need.
  2. Quuu – Want to engage your readers? Quuu gives you curated suggestions for content to share on social media and automatically shares it to your Buffer account. A free version will work for most authors, though you’re limited to 2 content suggestions per day, and from there, the pricing tiers go up to $30/month.
  3. One Shot – With OneShot, you can post screenshots of images and text to Twitter, allowing you to escape the 140-character limit and share a larger message in one burst. (iOS devices)
  4. Adobe Spark – We’re always on the hunt for great ways to create impactful graphics. Let me introduce you to Adobe Spark, which does just that – social graphics, web stories, and animated videos that pack a punch. And it’s free!
  5. Paletton – Trying to build some really cool images or graphics but having trouble with colors? Paletton may be the answer for you. You can use their free live colorizer to come up with a color scheme that works well together. Once you’ve found your match, export the colors and you’ll get a list of RGB and HTML color codes that you can use to call out specific colors in your software.
  6. Refind – Do you habitually save links to sites or articles that you are interested in and then can’t find them later? This will help you solve that problem!
  7. Legend – This is another tool for animated graphics that allow your text to tell a dynamic story. Available for iOS users.
  8. Engage by Twitter – You want to make Twitter more effective? This does that! It was actually developed by Twitter to help you manage your profile(s), and gives you information about tweets and influencers. iOS only right now.
  9. Animoto – Want to make great videos? With video livestreaming growing more and more every passing day, Animoto can help you make eye-catching videos. Tiered pricing is available based on your needs.
  10. SumoMe – This is a great addition to your website to automate newsletter sign-ups, track social shares, and even creating social share buttons. It has free and paid options and is reasonably user-friendly.

Ultimately there are tons of great apps out there, and it’s up to you to find the ones that work best. With these great options available, we’re sure your 2017 social media will be off to a huge start!

And, predictably, we found more than just these 10 social media tools that we love. So, tune in for another post soon that features more great options.

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