Common Mistakes Authors Make…and How to Avoid Them! Tip #3

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Book Marketing Basics

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In publishing today, it seems like there are a million things that an author can/should do to ensure success. There’s always the latest website, social media platform, or marketing tactic just waiting to be implemented, with the promise to success just around the corner.

Compared to when I was first in business almost 16 years ago, the resources and free promotional tools that are out there now are overwhelming, and I know it can seem daunting as you being marketing your book. I want to focus on sharing the most common marketing missteps I’ve come across in my 16 years in business, so you can avoid making these mistakes in your marketing. Stay tuned, because we’ll be sharing these with you over the next several weeks. 

Living by MetricsAvoid these common mistakes 3

Planning your marketing plan on metrics alone is not realistic, and at time, can deter you from pursuing marketing efforts that will contribute to your success in the long haul. What do I mean? Sometimes, authors often forgo getting reader reviews because: What’s the metric in that? Well there isn’t one, technically but you never know if a new buyer will see that particular review and be prompted to buy your book. Again, keep in mind the compound effect I mentioned earlier; your marketing efforts will build on one another. Yes, you could pitch 100 bloggers, and get only one response and you think: the metrics of pitching bloggers is terrible, I won’t do that again. When in reality, maybe it was your pitch that was weak, or your email subject line, or maybe the book wasn’t right for them. I know that sometimes it’s easier to blame metrics, but in most cases, metrics aren’t the issue.

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  1. Common Mistakes Authors Make…and How to Avoid Them! Tip #3 | Busypen Marketing - […] We recommending checking out this article: […]
  2. Common Mistakes Authors Make…and How to Avoid Them! Tip #3 | Busypen Marketing - […] We recommend checking out this article: […]

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