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In publishing today, it seems like there are a million things that an author can/should do to ensure success. There’s always the latest website, social media platform, or marketing tactic just waiting to be implemented, with the promise to success just around the corner.

Compared to when I was first in business almost 16 years ago, the resources and free promotional tools that are out there now are overwhelming, and I know it can seem daunting as you being marketing your book. I want to focus on sharing the most common marketing missteps I’ve come across in my 16 years in business, so you can avoid making these mistakes in your marketing. Stay tuned, because we’ll be sharing these with you over the next several weeks.

There’s No Such Thing as Overnight SuccessAvoid these common mistakes 1

Overnight success is also never really overnight, per se, as anyone in the publishing industry will tell you. Success is the result of consistent effort over time; I call it the compound effect: everything you do adds up.

When planning your book promotion, you should think long term. Don’t spend all your marketing dollars in the first few months of a campaign, but rather, make sure you have enough money or personal momentum for the long haul. Publishing is a business. You’d never open up a store and then just sit around hoping people show up to buy your stuff. You advertise, you run specials, you pitch yourself to local media. You work it. But what does “working it” mean? Well, it means that if you have a full-time job, you find time each week to push the book in some form or fashion. You find time. You make time. You cannot just sit by and hope people by your book, but rather you should be engaged in your own success. Even if you hire someone to do this for you, you should still be involved. Sometimes it doesn’t take much, but it does take a consistent effort.

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