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by | Oct 24, 2015 | Book Marketing Basics

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Here are some of my most talked about Tweets of the week – don’t miss out on the latest in book marketing & publishing!

Has your review been yanked? I called #Amazon #Author Latest Book Chatter 6Central to find out why this happens: http://buff.ly/1LbQBwq  pic.twitter.com/bEHH5lfkd5

Are you ready to write a novel? Don’t forget NaNo starts on Nov 1st! Sign up today: http://buff.ly/1LNg1UD  via @NaNoWriMo

I’ve got some #tips to help you pitch to #influencers and get great #blurbs for your #book! http://buff.ly/1RltgtU  pic.twitter.com/FDCPF2xIxI

Google Analytics: Get to know your traffic and find out how effective your #online #marketing is! http://buff.ly/1NLQUSu  via @PRToolkit

How to Pitch Influencers and Get Great Blurbs for Your Book: When you begin marketing your book it can be tough… http://bit.ly/1kj3a08 

Do you need to copyright your manuscript? Will it prevent book piracy? Here is everything you need to know: http://buff.ly/1ODgb1l 

Great #tips on how to phrase things in ways you’ve never seen before: http://buff.ly/1ZFkiOa  via @thecreativepenn #amwriting

In case you missed it – I’m talking #strategy. Here I share some insights from a book we are working with: http://buff.ly/1LNbeCOv  #pubtips

#Tips on how to keep your #content fresh, exciting and inviting: http://buff.ly/1QRzrpu  via @DigiBookWorld

Sound familiar? 5 lies #writers tell themselves: http://buff.ly/1GeqwxO  via @KMWeiland


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