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by | Oct 18, 2015 | Book Marketing Basics

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Here are some of my most talked about Tweets of the week – don’t miss out on the latest in book marketing & publishing!

As an author, you work hard to get #reviews. So how frustrating to see them yanked! I called #Amazon to investigate: http://buff.ly/1LbQtgz 

Having the right strategy really helps you #sell #books! Here I share some insights from a book we are working with: http://buff.ly/1LNbeCO 

3 resources to help you get smart about your #socialmedia #content #strategy: http://buff.ly/1ZxJiqs  via @copyblogger

Belonging to a writers’ group can make a huge difference for you. Find your #author community: http://buff.ly/1jedIOb  via @sandrabeckwith

Author Marketing Experts Daily is out

How a Publisher Can Kill Your Success: When it comes to publishing, you thankfully have more options than ever… http://bit.ly/1LESSNS 

About 30% of users check out reviews before buying a product. Get more (and better) #online #reviews: http://buff.ly/1N14deF  via @neilpatel

Here’s a never-before-seen sneak peek at what’s inside our #Amazon #Optimization Membership! Plus a discount! http://buff.ly/1R25Ppa 

Did you catch my last blog about free being a killer marketing strategy? Well here are even MORE benefits of free! http://buff.ly/1On6eDD 


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