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by | Oct 3, 2015 | Book Marketing Basics

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Here are some of my most talked about Tweets of the week – don’t miss out on the latest in book marketing & publishing!

Build A Long Term Career As An Author On Multiple Platforms With Liliana Hart: http://buff.ly/1WhL0d7  via @thecreativepennLatest Book Chatter 2

LOVE this! 11 famous authors give their insights on finding a writing voice http://buff.ly/1WsGcle  via @copyblogger

Self-promotion starts with being visible! Learn this easy strategy here: http://buff.ly/1YLy4OE 

Is This Copyright Infringement? What You Can & Can’t Share [Infographic] http://buff.ly/1WkpXql  via @hubspot @lkolo25

Are eBooks Really Dying? There’s been a lot of noise out there recently around eBook sales lagging behind print http://bit.ly/1KIUtCQ 

7 tools for creating awesome bestselling book titles: http://buff.ly/1Kqhgp8  via @WritetoDone #bookmarketing #tips

Check out this cool #marketing #tool for #authors: http://buff.ly/1OKA9WL  via @CaballoFrances

Why Free is a Killer Marketing Strategy: Part 1: From a business standpoint, giving something away for free to… http://bit.ly/1jxnlay 

Style Sheets, Style Guides, and Why Audrey Hepburn Style is a #Writer’s Best Friend: http://buff.ly/1MTvJNY  via @RuthHarrisBooks @annerallen

Simple Self-Promotion Series! Step #3: If the idea of self-promotion online seems daunting, not to fear, self-… http://bit.ly/1KJqjhL


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