Want More Attention for Your Book? Here’s How!

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Book Marketing Basics, Getting More Media Coverage

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There’s a key to getting more attention for your book and it’s this:

Make it easy for someone to promote you.

I often hear authors appalled at sending review copies. They lament that it costs money and while I get that, it’s also part of the cost of doing business. And, if sending a copy encourages a review or a mention, why wouldn’t you do it? Do you think the NY Times is just a little behind, and you’ll save all your strength for your interview with them? Back to reality.Newsletter Motivation 1

Here are some guidelines for review copies:

  • Bloggers: I will email them and ask them if they want a book.
  • Local media: I recommend dropping it off to the front desk – honestly, it can make a huge difference. Then follow up in email. So essentially the email pitch comes second to the book.
  • Libraries: Want to get into local libraries? Here’s a great tip: drop your book off to your local library or the main branch (even better) and ask them if they would consider it for stocking. Make sure to tell them this isn’t for their library sales, but to see if they’ll carry it in their branch. Often when the main library stocks it, the others in your area will, too!
  • National media: Email them, offer a book — you can mail a book, too but if you do you should still follow up with an email to ensure it got into someone’s hands.

eBooks vs. Print books: While eBooks are certainly easier, my preference is still sending print. Why? Well let me ask you this: how many eBooks do you have on your reader? It’s so easy to get lost in a digital library – so send a real book. It’ll get seen quicker/faster that way.

Big no-no: Don’t ask for your book back. Seriously folks. I’ve had this happen a number of times with authors asking me: will they mail back the book? Eh, no. Again cost of doing business.

And one final thing: Be sure to sign your book, people love autographed copies – even bloggers and the media and you’d be amazed how many folks forget to do this!

Your book is a business, that’s the only way to look at it if you want it to be a success.


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