Bonus Tips: Make Your Next Writers’ Conference Awesome!

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Book Marketing Basics

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Bonus Tips Make Your Next Writers' Conference Awesome AME Blog Post

Earlier this week, we shared nine tips to make the most of your next writers’ conference. Here are a few bonus tips to make sure your conference is truly AWESOME.

  • Conference follow-up: This is huge. Make sure you always follow up with everyone you connected with at the conference, especially if you said you would. Use the business cards you collected (and organized!) to  send them more information, sample chapters, etc. with a personal element.
  • Keep the networking going: Relationships take time. Don’t expect miracles when you land at a writers’ conference. Sometimes great stuff will happen right away, and other times it’s a process. To make the most of the connections you made, don’t let the networking end when the event is over. Be sure to continue connecting online via Twitter and Facebook, and any other follow-up. You want to stay on their radar and tbe on the lookout for future events you can attend!

Writers’ conferences are a great way to get out there and network, meet your peers and meet agents, publishers, and marketing professionals who can help you publish or market your book or expand your career. Good luck!



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