Sell More Books on Amazon! Tip #1: Pitching via Email

by | Jul 7, 2015 | Amazon Updates & Marketing Tips, Getting More Book Reviews

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Sell More Books on Amazon Tip 1 Pitching Via Email


Welcome to our “Sell More Books on Amazon” series! These useful tips will help you make the most of your book marketing! Our first tip will focus on Pitching Via Email. 

  • Email is fast, quick and easy to pitch bloggers but there is a right and wrong way to do this. A bad pitch or a rambling email can send your email into the delete bin so here are some quick tips to get your pitch the attention it deserves.
  • Always attach the image of the front cover or, even better include a link to Amazon or Goodreads? That way the bloggers can see information such as pub date, book cover, and any reviews garnered.
  • Be straightforward when crafting a subject, or you’ll risk sounding like spam. Remember subject lines are super important and often the reason that reviewers either read or dismiss your pitch.
  • Consider a tagline when crafting your email! Since so many of us read on our mobile devices, maybe consider using a tagline before you get to the actual pitch so the blogger will see that in their preview pane and be more enticed to open the email!
  • Always let them know you’re happy to mail them a book or gift one via Amazon.
  • And finally, always, always address the blogger by their first name. If you don’t have it then spend the time finding it. Sending a pitch that’s unpersonalized or just addressed to “Dear Blogger” won’t get you nearly as much attention!

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