Missed Marketing Opportunities: How to Market to Women and Millennials

by | Apr 29, 2015 | Book Marketing Basics

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Welcome to the fifth installment of our April “Social Media Series.” This week, we’ll focus on how to extend your marketing reach. Check out these tips to make sure you’re not missing two important markets: women and millennials.

Marketing Tips Reaching Women and Millennials-2

Are you marketing your book to men? You may want to reconsider that. Here’s why:

According to MediaPost, women account for $7 trillion in US consumer and business spending.

Women also make or influence 85% of all purchasing decisions. Yes, you read that right: 85%.

Women purchase over 50% of what is referred to as “traditionally male products” so electronics, home improvement items, cars, and books (geared to men).

78% of women gather product information online before making any purchase

Women account for 58% of online spending.


What about Millennials?

Their book shopping habits might surprise you (they’re more likely to read print than an ebook) but don’t underestimate their marketing potential…According to a recent Publishing Technology survey:

  • 45% of millennials discover books by word of mouth referrals, 34% by social media, and 32 % by online browsing.
  • When it comes to sharing their opinions on books, 54% of millennials share by word of mouth 20% by social media, and 18% in online communities
  • Best part? Millennials can be persuaded by online promotion! 55% are persuaded by price promotions, 37% by ebook/print book bundling, and 10% by shorter content forms or pay-per-chapter ebooks.

Don’t miss out on these important markets!


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