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Let’s take a look at some top book promotion and publishing industry tweets, courtesy of bloggers, marketers, authors and others. The topics include the real reason your book was rejected, how to get good reviews for your books, social media tips for authors, and more. Happy marketing!


* 6 Reasons Why Some Books Will Never Be Bestsellers

“Why am I not selling books?” is something many authors ask when they don’t see results. If your book isn’t selling, this is why it might be happening:

book review word cloud

* How to Get Good Reviews for Your Books

All authors want to get book reviews. These steps will help you find the right reviewers:

* Get to Know Your Amazon Central Account

This feature is something many authors overlook. Here’s what you should know to take advantage of it:

* The 10 REAL Reasons Your Book Was Rejected: A Big 5 Editor Tells All

A rejection hurts, but it’s not about you. There are many reasons a manuscript doesn’t get selected:

* The #1 Marketing Strategy for Writers with a Day Job, Kids, Etc.

This is the reality for many authors: they have jobs, families, lives – on top of their writing. Here’s how they can steadily promote their books, too:

* Discoverability Isn’t Nearly Enough to Help Readers Find Your Book

There are a lot of books out there and if you passively wait for readers to find you, you could wait a long time. Try this instead:

* Social Media for Authors Podcast: Improve Your Marketing Results

Using social media is less of a chore if you learn about the shortcuts and tools that can help you:

* How to Self-Edit Your Book Before Turning it Over to a Professional

You should hire a professional to edit your book, but here’s how you can get your book into good shape before handing it over:

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