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Happy New Year! We’ve rounded up some top book marketing tweets to guide you, courtesy of bloggers, marketers, authors and others. The topics include how authors are using Instagram, building a following on social media, publishing predictions for 2015, and more. Happy marketing!


* Smashwords’ Mark Coker Shares 2015 Publishing Predictions

The publishing landscape is rapidly changing, and Coker has some interesting comments about where things are heading. He believes it’s still early in the ebook self-publishing revolution:

* Tips to Keep Your Blog Readers Coming Back

Learn how to keep your blog content fresh and attract regular visitors to your site:

* 6 Ways for Authors to Build an Engaging Platform Using Social Media

Get some practical advice for how you can build a following on social media and keep those fans engaged:

* 15 Things Successful Writers NEVER Say

For example: I don’t need an editor. Yes, you do. And don’t say these things, either:

* Why the Self-Published Ebook is No Longer the “New Query”

There was a time when a successful self-published title would attract the attention of the Big Five publishers. Things have changed a lot since then. Here’s what you should know:

* 2015: Social Media Marketing Trends You Cannot Miss 

Get ready for the new year by getting caught up on the latest developments in social media. For instance, if you use YouTube you should know that video will extend beyond that channel in the coming year:

* Reviving a Stale Book

By refreshing an older book, you can make new sales and get new fans!

* Top 7 Ways Authors Are Using Instagram

You can connect with book review bloggers, promote yourself, and much more:

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