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We’ve got some great tips from these book marketing tweets, courtesy of bloggers, marketers, authors and others. The topics include getting your book into Costco, creating audiobooks, generating increased blog traffic, and more. Happy marketing!


* Is It Done Yet? How to Know if Your Book is Ready to Market

This helpful post will give you some pointers so you can determine whether you need to revise or move onto the next stage of your book publishing journey:

Going Audio 2 - blog_pin-2

* Audiobooks: The Next Big Thing

Audio books are big business, and growing. Here’s what you need to know to create an audio book:

* Alternatives for GoodReads: Riffle, LibraryThing & BookLikes

Goodreads offers a lot of value, but from time to time it’s also got controversy. If you want some worthwhile alternatives, here are some options:

* 10 Ideas That You Can Use to Generate Blog Traffic and Interest

Does your blog content seem dry, and have user visits declined? Learn how to revitalize your blog:

* How to Make Your Book Cover Stand Out

So many more books are published these days, making it more important than ever that you have a compelling book cover. Find out what it takes to make a book cover appeal to potential buyers:

* 8 Ways to be a Rockstar Author

Discover how you can set yourself apart from the competition:

* Top 5 Ways Authors Sabotage Their Own Book

Here’s a hint: it involves editing (or lack thereof). What you should know:

* How to Get Your Book Into Costco (and other specialty stores)

Have you thought about having your book stocked at a store like Costco? Learn how the process works:

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