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What are you doing these days to promote your book? Is it working?

Are you ready to take your exposure and book sales up a notch? Now more than ever you have to get REALLY creative.

Check out this list of ideas and take your marketing efforts to the next level!

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1. Have you thought about pitching educators? College professors, elementary teachers, HS teachers etc. It is fairly easy to get their contact info. Students andparents really value the opinion of their educators. If you’re lucky they may even add your book to their required reading, or recommended reading lists.

2. Are you pitching to your local Book Clubs or Children’s Storytime Leaders at libraries and community centers? You could offer to go in and do a reading for the group, which would surely spark interest and create buzz. Take it a step further and give flyers or your one sheet to the leader to pass out with a special offer exclusively for members of that group.

3. Do you receive newsletters form a particular organization, group or community geared toward your book’s target audience? They are usually always looking for content. Approach them for a regular spot where you can write on relevant topics and promote your work!

4. Businesses big and small are continually looking for perks to offer their staff. Think about how what you (and your book!) have to offer can benefit them and develop a relationship!

5. You know those subscription box services and group deal sites that are all the rage right now? Look into what opportunities they offer for authors. The exposure would be out of this world.

Best of luck!

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