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Great Headline Ideas

We all know the importance of a headline, and whether it’s a blog post or a social media update, headlines are crucial. If you’re like me, you probably get your blogs via an RSS feed of some kind. Which means that you’re only getting the headline and from there, need to decide if you’re going to read the post. Fact is 8 out of 10 people never make it past the headline. I know this because more often than not, I’ve punted a blog post because the headline wasn’t intriguing.

Part of the reason that headlines aren’t driving the kind of engagement you want is because they are vague or not benefit driven and more often than not, they are written for you and not your audience.

Great headline ideas - blog_pinHere are some great headline starter ideas”

Warning signs that ______ – People love warning signs and they love to know what not to do. Think about using a combination of numbers with this post, which works really well:

5 Warning signs that you’re

10 Warning signs that

Challenging trust is another big one, so a post like: Can we really trust publishing advice? Or, Can you really trust book marketing advice?

This title sparks interest because readers want to know the truth and we all hate being deceived. You could also use something like:

The Shocking Truth About X

You could also use something related to exposing lies. I mean we love an exposé, right? Check out: Lies Publishers Like to Tell or Lies the Government Tells. You could add some extra bounce to this by including a number, so:

7 Lies Doctors Tell Us.

Hacks are big, too. People love hacks.

100 Great Travel Hacks

7 Book Promotion Hacks

Secrets are another great way to pique your readers’ interest. For example, Secrets Every Publicist Wants you to Know – and again, you can add a number to help drive more engagement to the headline.

Or you could consider doing: Secrets Publishers Don’t Want you to Know


Next up is speaking to people’s desires. So:

How to Be – a Bestselling Author (this is the desire)

Other ideas for how-to might be:

How to (desire or goal) even if you (obstacle or while you’re doing something else)


How to Become a Bestselling Author While You’re Working a Full-Time Job. 

I also love the term “The Ultimate Guide” which you can pair with a how-to. So:

How to Learn Instagram – The Ultimate Guide

People also love lists. I think of all of these the hacks and lists tend to be our most popular. So:

12 Ways to Become a Social Media Guru

7 Secrets Every (your audience) Should Know

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