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by | Jul 24, 2014 | Book Marketing Basics, Social Media for Authors

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The first thing to know about G+ is that it’s really a mini-blog post. What does this mean? Well, longer content really rules on G+, as opposed to Facebook or Twitter – where shorter updates are a must. If you follow this line of thinking, you know that G+ should mirror whatever you’re doing on your blog which means, first and foremost, your headlines:

G+ Exposure 1

Headlines: headlines are really important on this site although this is significant with anything you do. Headlines can make or break your post. We cover more on creating great headlines here:

Images: always, always, always add an image. I never pull in the image from the post I’m sharing, I’ll always add one. You can find great, cheap and even free images at places like BigStock, etc. and you can edit them at, or

Hashtags: Repeat after me, never, ever, ever post anything without a hashtag. I use them on Facebook, Twitter and, of course, G+.

Format: though I encourage you to create longer, blog post-type updates, I would suggest that you remember the importance of formatting. G+ lets you format your updates with bold, italics, strikethrough and bullet points. Here are some formats you may want to keep for later use:

Bold: add * before and after the word or sentence. *So your update will look like this*

Italic: add _ before and after the word or sentence. _So your headline will look like this_

Strikethrough: add – before and after the word or sentence. –This is what you’ll strikethrough-

To create a numbered list, you’ll want to do this:



And so on – this will create this:

  1. Create strong headlines
  2. Long posts rocks on G+
  3. Make sure and format your text

Next up are bullets, to create those you’ll do:

  • Create strong headlines
  • Long posts rocks on G+
  • Make sure and format your text

You can also mix and match these, making italics bold and so on. Go ahead, experiment. Remember you can always edit the post later!

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