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Welcome to the Author Marketing Experts Blog Carnival. This week we’re sharing some great posts about social media, book marketing, and self-publishing. Thank you to this week’s contributors!


Colin Dunbar submitted Format a Book in Word: Global Settings posted at Format Book in Word, saying, “Naturally, the quality of the content of your book is the number 1 priority. But when you format your book, the layout of your content, structure and readability is just as important as the content itself.”


Social Media

Erica Verrillo submitted Disengaging from Readers: Dealing with Trolls, Cyber-bullies, and Other Web Cranks posted at Publishing … And Other Forms of Insanity, saying, “Engagement, as a marketing term, means getting someone to buy something or exhibit interest in your product in some tangible way. If you are a writer, engagement means getting someone to buy your book, or write a review. If you are a blogger, it means traffic to your blog. If you have launched an author website or Facebook page, it means having people visit, read your page(s), and make return visits. If you are a budding author here are a few simple rules to follow when embarking on ‘engagement.’ ”

Book Marketing

Frances Caballo submitted Chasing the Elusive Shareable Content posted at Social Media Just for Writers, saying, “We know certain characteristics of highly shareable content: you need captivating images, great videos, and limited text. However, what may be a captivating image to me might be be to another person. In this post I share my experiments with content as I find to find the “magic” formula for highly shareable content.”

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