52 Ways to Market Your Book: Tip #9 – Making the Sale

by | Jun 17, 2014 | Book Marketing Basics

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Welcome to Tip #9 of our 52 Ways to Market Your Book! I hope you’re enjoying these tips and they are helping you sell more books.  So, ready? Here we go!

Making the Sale

Now more than ever, if you want to make the sale you’ve got to be persuasive. But not so persuasive that it seems you’re begging for the sale or (God forbid) sucking up. Frankly consumers hate both.


1. Name dropping: While most of us find name dropping obnoxious, this is one time when it’s not only permitted, it’s encouraged. If you have an impressive list of testimonials, blurbs, or clients be sure and list them. If you’re not sure which ones to list and which to drop (lucky you if you have too many to chose from) then collaborate with someone who can be objective and offer decisive feedback. This first step is very critical and often overlooked. In fact I’ve been guilty of it. Some months back a friend of mine pointed to all the bestsellers we’ve worked on. “Why aren’t these listed on your site?” Well, they were but we had yet to highlight their success. Why? Because we were too close to our own message. An objective eye is often crucial to help you determine what to highlight and emphasize that will bring you sales.

2. Testimonials: Let’s face it, people like what other people like so if you have folks who say good things about your book, business or whatever it is you’re selling you should emphasize that.

3. Stories: People love stories. If you have a great success story be sure and share it on your web site. If you don’t have a good story (yet) you can always start gathering them. There’s no time like the present to get started.


The Growth Of Sales

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