52 Ways to Market Your Book: Tip #6 – Are you Marketing to Libraries?

by | May 27, 2014 | Book Marketing Basics

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Welcome to Tip #6 of our 52 Ways to Market Your Book! I hope you’re enjoying these tips and they are helping you sell more books.  Want the complete book of tips? Get it here!

6Are you Marketing to Libraries?

Did you know that in a slow economy libraries tend to get a boost in visitors because folks don’t want to spend money on books? In fact I’ve talked to some libraries that say they have folks lined up to get their new releases. What does this mean to you? Well it means that if you’re book isn’t in a library you might want to see about getting it accepted there.

When I was marketing The Cliffhanger (my first novel) I learned a handy lesson. I dropped a copy of it off to the main library and found that getting it listed there generates automatic orders to any area libraries. Does this work for every city? Not sure, but you won’t know till you donate a copy (or three) of your book now will you?

Also, according to ALA (American Library Association) libraries buy nearly $1.8 billion in books annually. If donating a copy to your main library won’t work or if they’re hesitant to accept it into inventory, then try getting a review in library journals. Check with your local library to see which journals they subscribe to and then go online to find their submission information!

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