AME Blog Carnival: Tips and Tricks for Writers and Authors – May 19, 2014

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Welcome to the Author Marketing Experts Blog Carnival. We have a great mix of tips on self-publishing, book marketing, getting published, and writing. Thank you to all of this week’s contributors.

Getting Published

Erica Verrillo submitted What’s Your Book About? posted at Publishing … and Other Forms of Insanity, saying, “The reason you need to perfect your pitch before you talk to people or god forbid, before you write to them, is that the pitch forms the basis of your query letter, your proposal, and any other form of communication you will have about your book forever. Read about my mistakes (you can laugh if you like), and find out what I did to correct them.”

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Karla Locke submitted Who’s Working for Self-Publishing Authors? posted at Armchair ePublishing, saying, “I work with a lot of book clients. We provide services to help them prepare their books for self-publishing, and this got me to thinking, “Who’s working for the authors?” This question came to me when one of my authors was given some one-sided advice and not the whole story.”


Imogen Bell submitted Why Almost Winning is a Good Thing posted at Imogen Bell Writing, saying, “Why rejection can be a boost for writers; how to turn it into a positive.”

Chrys Fey submitted Horror (How to Create) posted at Write With Fey, saying, “This post is not about how to write a horror story, but how to add horror to any story. Horror is an element that can be utilized by every writer just like romance, action, mystery and suspense.”

Book Marketing

Sarah Bolme submitted Passion & Expertise posted at Marketing Christian Books, saying, “An author is really the most qualified person to market his or her book. Why?”

That concludes this week’s carnival. Our weekly roundup offers the best book marketing, self-publishing, writing, and general publishing industry tips to guide authors, would-be authors, publishers and others on their book journey. Submit a post to our weekly carnival by using this link:


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