Best of the Web Book Marketing Tips for the Week of May 12, 2014

by | May 16, 2014 | Book Marketing Basics, Social Media for Authors

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What are people touting on Twitter? Check out these top book marketing tweets, courtesy of bloggers, marketers, authors and others. The topics include improving blog readership, having an effective virtual blog tour, getting more website traffic, and more. Happy marketing!


* Are Writers’ Conferences a Waste of Time for Indie Authors?

Discover four reasons indie authors should consider attending writers’ conferences:

* Do Authors Really Need a Writers Group or a Critique Partner?

Writing is a solitary activity, and one way to get an honest perspective on your work is getting feedback from others:

* The Ideal Frequency for Posting on Blogs and Social Media

There is no hard and fast rule for everyone, but these are some guidelines to consider:

Web traffic3

* Why Your Website Isn’t Getting Traffic: 7 Ways Content Could Fix It

With all the changes Google has made, it’s probably time for you to take a look at your site to make sure it’s working:

* 9 Steps to an Effective Virtual Book Tour

With the right planning, you can maximize the exposure you receive from a blog tour:

* 5 Down & Dirty Tips on Mastering Twitter

Power Twitter user Guy Kawasaki (1.4 million followers) shares what he’s learned about using the site successfully:

* 10 Tactics to Improve Blog Readership

Get more people to read, interact – and share – your blog posts:

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