SOCIAL MEDIA QUIZ – Which social site is right for YOU?

by | May 2, 2014 | Social Media for Authors

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If you feel like you’re not making any headway on social media take heart! It may not be you, it could be that you’re just on a social media site that’s all wrong for your message. Facebook is great, but may not be right for you.

We know we need to be social, but now it’s important to be on the right social media site because it’s not about being everywhere, it’s about being everywhere that matters. Finding the best place for you to focus isn’t always an easy thing and even when you do, you may still want to be on one or two other sites.

The goal with this quiz is to focus you on one main place. That’s where you’ll put the lion’s share of your efforts. If you were looking at this as a pie-chart, you’d put 60-70% of your time on your main social site and then divide up the rest elsewhere.

Being very focused will really help you to leverage more success in the right place, instead of spending your time dabbling in a bunch of different sites that aren’t really leveraging you much.

When you’re done with this quiz, you have my permission to ditch the sites that just aren’t working for you.

And remember:

It’s not about being everywhere, it’s about being everywhere that matters.



Ready, set, go!


What one topic do you most resonate with?

A. Images: Pretty visual. Images, video, stuff like that is easy to get and accumulate.

B. Pretty current, pop-culture-ish. It’s got a lot of current angles and spins to it.

C. I love inspiring and educating people. My topic is much more on the education/helpful level.

D. My topic is much more business-driven and/or technology focused.


43 blog

How easily can you come up with fun new blog topics?

A. I hate my blog, I prefer shorter, creative pitches and images to grab people’s attention

B. I’m usually at a complete loss. I prefer jumping on current trends or sharing other information.

C. I have no trouble coming up with blog topics

D. If I can get some keyword ideas on great sites like, I’m golden.


What audience are you trying to connect with?

A. Ladies, almost 100% female.

B. A young, hip crowd. Could be male or female.

C. Everyone. Under 50 and over 50!

D. Primarily men but women too, they have to love to learn new stuff.


What is your preferred way to socialize online?

A. I like to share ideas and connect with others with similar interests.

B. I’m a multitasker – I catch up on news, entertainment, what’s trending.

C. I like to comment on what others post, take part in virtual conversations.

D. I’m most comfortable in a group setting where I feel I can get to know who’s who.


How do you feel about doing video?Clapper board and film reel with filmstrip

A. Love it! Sign me up!

B. Video? Oh God no. Mother told me never to walk in front of a loaded camera.

C. If I can do it and be off-camera. Maybe I can narrate?

D. I’d need some good lighting, but otherwise I’m good with it.


How do you feel about real-time networking? 

A. It’s ok, but I am not much of an in-person kind of person. I prefer to do stuff online.

B. Love it. I love networking with other people in my industry.

C. I’m sort of lukewarm about it. I’d love to, but I don’t have the time or money to go to a lot of stuff.

D. I love networking, but I’m not sure who I should be networking with. I don’t know where to start.


How do you feel about getting personal with your followers?

A. I like to keep it positive, things that I find fun and interesting.

B. I tend to have opinions about everything and share them willingly!

C. I’m passionate about some things, but I’m pretty careful about what I divulge.

D. I prefer to keep it professional when I’m online.


Young Programmer

What are the chances you’ll use your account to expand your business? Be realistic!

A. I might want to sell product but only if it’s very straightforward.

B. For me it’s mostly about information sharing and staying on top of my key topics.

C. I can learn anything. I want access to apps, forms, sales tools, the works!

D. I’d like to promote my work, but mostly for lead generation and networking.



And now for the results…


Mostly A’s

Professional Pinner/YouTube Rock Star!


You love imagery and you often best express yourself with images. You were probably one of the first bloggers to have images on your blog, too. High-five for being such a trend-setter. Now it’s true, all social media sites should have images, but you are clearly more visual in nature and you should consider being on a site that really speaks to that.




Consider getting onto sites like Pinterest or even taking your message into video and getting yourself a YouTube channel.





Mostly B’s

Twitter Rock Star!

twitterYou thrive on pop-culture, know what’s happening in the world and your market before the first news alerts hit your phone. You are, in a word, Dialed-In. When the President is on TV giving a speech, you’re checking the Twitter hashtag instead of tuning into it on TV and you love that because you get a new, fresh perspective that really resonates with you. You should consider spending the lion’s share of your time on Twitter.



Mostly C’s

It’s Facebook for you!

facebookYou love your Newsfeed, don’t you? And checking in to see what’s up with your friends and the groups you follow. You don’t get out to networking events as much as you feel that you need or would like to. For this reason, we think that Facebook would be a fantastic resource for you. Grab yourself a Fan Page and have a ball. Post great, helpful and enticing content for your readers and be sure to Like and Share in return. Building love on any social media site shouldn’t be a one-way experience.



Mostly D’ s

Become a Google Plus Rock Star!

google-plusYou’re a Google Pluser! While so many folks are still leery about this Google-specific site, you eat this up. You’re a great networker mostly in business and always online. You love learning and your followers do, too. For this reason we think that Google Plus will rock your online world.  It’s a fantastic place to network and share helpful information. This isn’t a site where you would post family vacation pictures, leave that to Facebook – Google Plus is a place for the serious-minded business people and we think that’s you!



What’s next?

Well here are some links to sites that we think are just fantastic and should help you kickstart the promotion with your new, fabulous social media focus!


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  1. Katie McCoach

    This is a great quiz, and I think it definitely helps show a person where they should focus their energy! I loved taking it!

    What about LinkedIn? I’d consider this a social networking site, and many professionals might actually connect with it over some others. Thoughts?

  2. Penny

    Yep, you’re right. Definitely more business minded people there. If your focus is speaking or more business or you have a book decided to business people, that’s a good site for you!

  3. Louisa Groenewald

    I had mostly C’s, so it seems Facebook is the best site for me.



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