The Importance of Hashtags

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Social Media for Authors

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You can get more traffic using Hashtags.

It used to be that Hashtags were just used for Twitter, but not anymore. Using Hashtags on sites like G+, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram are fantastic ways to drive more engagement. There are also quite a few Hashtag tools to help you find popular tags and track trends.

The Importance of Hashtags

Here are a few to consider: has been around forever and is still the best place to dig deeper into Hashtag trends, popularity and if you’re ready to go even deeper, you can see how many times a particular Hashtag has been tweeted in a 24-hour period. is great because it gives you a history on any Hashtag. So, for example, try plugging in a Hashtag and it’ll pull up when it was first used, how trendy it is and what the meaning of a Hashtag is. This is great when you’re not sure of the Hashtag you’re using. You want to key into something popular but that also drives a relevant meaning to your message.


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