Viral Video: The Secrets to Creating Video that Gets Seen

by | Apr 11, 2014 | Book Marketing Basics

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Last week I was at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. It’s a fantastic event and if you want to stay up on social media at all, you should really consider attending this event.

If you weren’t there, I thought I’d share my notes, favorite tweets, screenshots of some fabulous slides, as well as some video clips to help you ramp up your marketing!


How does YouTube measure engagement? They measure it by watch time, that’s how they measure.

Did you know that 60% of video views come from search? Why is this important? Because your keywords really matter!

And when coming up with keywords, keep this tip in mind: People don’t search for our solutions; they search by their problems – via @kimgarst

The ultimate goal on YouTube is to get them off of the site. What does this mean? You need to have a call to action (CTA)

Not sure what to make videos of? Here’s a  tip: Identify what questions people are asking when they are considering working with you.

Wonder what’s trending in your marketing on YouTube or want to get some keyword ideas? You can find keywords by typing terms into Google or YouTube to get ideas for the video.

When it comes to making a video, keep this in mind: The first 5 seconds are key. Let them know what are they getting out of this video and why it’s important.

Did you know? Get visual! “A shopper is 174% more likely to make a purchase after viewing a video before shopping.”

Keywords are key: Use keywords in your title, tags and description. Also, be sure to mention the keywords during the video –as part of the narrative. How often should you mention it? At least four times!

Bumper video: if you’re going to start doing video, see if you can have someone create a short intro or bumper video for you. It’ll help brand you! What should be in a bumper video? Title of the show, tag line (if you have one), picture or video of yourself and intro music.

Did you know that YouTube transcribes videos? This is good news, but their transcription isn’t always great. They recommend getting a transcriptionist on Fivvr or ODesk and then uploading it to YouTube.

Let’s talk CTA (call to action):

Here are some CTA’s that work well for video:

What to do

Why to do it

How to do it


You can do a lot with the new YouTube toolbox; one of them is the External Link Annotation, which essentially means sending folks to an offer outside of Facebook. Check it out!

YouTube Session External Link Annotation








How to find the Perfect Keywords for Your Video!



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