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by | Apr 9, 2014 | Book Marketing Basics

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More from my notes taken at Social Media Marketing World!


Here’s a cool idea: you can leverage your personal/business accounts on Pinterest and make yourself a contributor on all your boards! Contributor boards get better traction on Pinterest!

The power in Pinterest is in original pins, because 80% of pins on the site are repins. Creating your own content is really important. What kind of content does well? Here’s a great video that illustrates some fantastic pin ideas for your boards! (Hint: checklists do very well on there)

Doing offers on Pinterest is also a great idea, so you could weave one of the ideas into an offer (a free offer) using a site called Leadspages ( The site can help you pull in leads from the offer. Here are two examples of what your pin might look like:



Pinterest Promotion Page













Pinterest Example










When setting up the landing page using Leads Pages, the landing page should look similar to the offer. Here’s an example:

Pinterest Promotion Examples










Here are the steps:

  • First, you want to figure out the offer. What will you give them?
  • Next, create the lead page
  • Then, Pin it! That’s it!

Melanie also mentioned that it’s important to add a disclaimer on the form (where you’re taking their email address), she mentioned it’s very helpful for getting signups. The Disclaimer would be “we never share or sell our email lists.”

One final note, add the word FREE to the pin. Also, include a link to the offer in the description, too.

Make pins taller, vs. wider — add a call to action in the image, too. So, CLICK HERE (which is shown in the first Pinterest image above)


How many boards should you have? Melanie recommended 5 boards and 10 pins per board (at a minimum).

You can and should repin your original content, too.  You should also keep repining your offer!

Fun Pinterest Tools!





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  1. Toni Leland

    Hi Penny,
    Interesting concept and one that might be a real boost for pinners. One question: does Google scan the posts in Pinterest? What gets the search engine’s attention? I just searched for two of my flower images that have been on my Pinterest site for at least 6 months – long enough to be found. They did not show up, even using specific search keywords. Any ideas?

    Thanks for the continuing education for us novices!



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