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by | Apr 3, 2014 | Book Marketing Basics

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Last week I was at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. It’s a fantastic event and if you want to stay up on social media at all, you should really consider attending this event.

If you weren’t there, I thought I’d share my notes, favorite tweets, screenshots of some fabulous slides, as well as some video clips to help you ramp up your marketing!


Facebook Insights

There were several presenters who taught about Facebook; it seems that everyone is struggling with this social platform right now. Getting seen, getting Likes, getting sales. Here are some tips from the pros:

First, if you dislike Facebook right now you’re not alone. Check this out:

63% of marketers don’t find Facebook effective in getting customers. per @gideonshalwick

Did you know: Only 200 out of the 1500 potential stories are seen on Facebook because of the newsfeed?

No wonder no one is seeing your stuff.

Now for some tips. We all know hashtags are effective, but Mari Smith (@marismith) cautions: No more than two #Hashtags in posts in Facebook.

She also recommends testing the frequency of your posts and says that more frequent posts often get more visibility. Per Mari: Post testing on Facebook – test two times a day vs. 1 per hour and see what that leverages you.

She also suggested the following on timing: Play with the timing a bit and try to post outside of normal business hours.

Edgerank is possibly the most super secret and confusing part of Facebook, so what contributes to it? Mari Smith says: 1,000 factors contribute to ranking in Facebook.

Yikes. No wonder no one can figure it out!
Here’s another fun tip: Mari recommends changing your FB cover photo regularly. Craft content to encourage sharing.

This is a new thing with Facebook, if you @tag Pages in your posts, Facebook may tag the mentioned page so you show up for their fans, too.

Facebook ads can be tricky, I have a lot more coming on the ads, but here is one big piece of advice: Stay away from the boosting button (Boost Post); use mobile newsfeed friendly Power Editor in Facebook

What matters when it comes to Engagement on Facebook? Mari says: Stop paying attention to “likes” on Facebook and PTAT (people talking about this), they don’t matter as much as we think.

Facebook Vanity Metrics








According to Mari Smith, these are the stages of promotion on Facebook:

Facebook the Phases of Promotion








We need to respond quicker folks – check out these response times on social. Yikes:

Facebook and Social Media Response Time








Mari also recommended some great content curation tools, these rock!


Great Content Curation Tools








And finally here’s a great clip on creating successful Facebook Ads!

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  1. Carol Bryant

    Thanks so much, Penny. Can’t wait to see you at BlogPaws!

  2. Penny

    Me, too Carol! I’m really excited for the event!

  3. Penny Taylor

    If I actually used Facebook I’d never write.



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