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Welcome to the March 31, 2014 edition of tips and tricks for writers and authors. We’ve got some tips on marketing, and writing, for this week. Thank you to all of the contributors.


Sarah Bolme presents Don’t Overlook This Marketing Opportunity posted at Marketing Christian Books, saying, “Many self-published authors don’t think about this great marketing venue.”

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Ben Z presents Prepare Your Book for its KDP Select free Promotion Days posted at Ben Zackheim Blog, saying, “A step-by-step guide, with best practices! Yup. Blog posts about Amazon KDP Select free promo days are as common as bad drivers on I84. But I want to do something a little different here. I want to lay out steps and include details about why they are important. I’ll also give you a basic overview of boosting posts on Facebook. These days it’s best to spend five bucks to get the word out. Once you sign up for KDP Select and figure out what you can do with your exclusive Amazon ebook, you may find a small bump in the road. Actually it may look more like a big, honking wall. The wall is spray painted with large words… “NOW WHAT?” Here’s what.”

Kimberly Grabas presents Email List Building Series (Part 1): The Power of an Email List (And Why It’s a Must) posted at Your Writer Platform, saying, “If there was one thing you could do that would multiply your reach and help you build deeper relationships with people who are already interested in your message and your work–would you do it? What if that one thing required no tricks, no SEO, no fancy design skills and no algorithms to decipher? And if building that same one thing over time lead to significantly increased sales of your books or services– would it be worth doing? Building a targeted and invested email list of subscribers is hands down one of THE most important things you can do to ensure the long term growth of your writing career. If I could only take one thing with me on a deserted (platform building) island, it would be my email list. Why? Because no matter how important blogging, social media, publicity and other forms of outreach are for getting your work in front of the right eyeballs, your email list is the only thing–if nurtured–that will allow you to directly and personally communicate with your readers on an ongoing basis.”

The Walsh Group Blog presents 10 Signs Your Website Needs an Update posted at The Walsh Group, saying, “There’s a cliché floating around about websites- that they’re the “new business cards”. While this analogy can be useful, thinking about your business’ website in this way may skew your understanding of how it functions in one crucial respect. A website is, or at least should be, a dynamic, ever changing entity. A respectable website is one that is updated frequently.”


Chrys Fey presents How to Write a Synopsis posted at Write With Fey, saying, “Not only do you have to write your book and a query letter, you also have to write a synopsis. Here are ten tips to help you write a synopsis.

Erica Verrillo presents Never Give Up! Never Surrender! posted at Publishing … And Other Forms of Insanity, saying, “For writers, rejections aren’t just inevitable – they are a way of life. Every writer gets rejections. Every. Single. One. There are no exceptions. Here is a tally that should, if not encourage you, at least bring you back to reality. (The reality is this: keep your day job, but KEEP WRITING!!)”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of tips and tricks for writers and authors using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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