AME Blog Carnival: tips and tricks for writers and authors – March 24, 2014

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Welcome to the March 24, 2014 edition of tips and tricks for writers and authors. We’ve got some tips on marketing, promotion, and writing this week. Thank you to all of the contributors.


Walsh Group presents How Updating Your Website’s Color Scheme Can be a Great Move posted at The Walsh Group Blog, saying, “Good content is important to maintaining a respectable website – you need to keep your pages current and your blog updated and informative. However, the aesthetics of a website can impact the user experience just as much. One helpful way to keep your website design affordable while optimizing attractiveness is to revamp your website’s color scheme.”


Erica Verrillo presents Ray Bradbury’s Words of Wisdom – Write Like Hell! posted at Publishing … and Other Forms of Insanity, saying, “In 2001, Bradbury spoke at Point Loma Nazrene University in San Diego, where he imparted his wisdom: Read the greats, broaden your mind, and write like hell. We’ve heard it before – practice makes perfect – but nowhere is this message delivered with greater honesty, more clarity, and deeper conviction than when it comes out of Ray Bradbury’s mouth.”

Photo of Ray Bradbury.

Photo of Ray Bradbury. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peter presents 30 Sites that Will Pay to Write for Them, Right Now.  posted at writers global, they steal, saying, “This article shows you websites that you will pay you for submissions.”

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Kimberley Grabas presents How To Build A Writer Platform With No Time, No Credentials And No Book posted at Write to Done, saying, “Are you a writer who is overwhelmed by the rapidly changing industry? The more adventurous among you are ready for the challenge of building a writer platform and growing your community – but have absolutely no idea where to start. Some of you find it slightly horrifying that you are required to write and hock your wares, but are prepared to do the work, however distasteful it is. And a few of you are gnashing your teeth, insisting it was much better in the “good ol’ days” when writers were expected to write – and someone else handled the smarmy promotional bits. Looking around, you feel a bit deflated. You see authors with several books out, who have all manner of credentials to their name, and platforms as big as those of a rockstar. How can a newbie writer compete?”

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