AME Blog Carnival: tips and tricks for writers and authors – February 17, 2014

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Welcome to the February 17, 2014 edition of tips and tricks for writers and authors. We’ve got some great posts on getting published, book marketing, and writing. Thank you to all of the contributors.

Book Marketing

Kimberley Grabas presents How to Get Reviews For Your Book (Without Begging, Bribing or Resorting to Subterfuge) posted at Your Writer Platform, saying, “So you wrote a book. And it’s truly a thing of beauty. Prose polished to perfection, you’ve lovingly crafted your masterpiece in the stolen moments around an impossible schedule. You’ve commissioned the most beguiling of covers, invested in an ace editor and painstakingly tweaked the interior formatting to ensure the delicate sensibilities of your reader will not be unexpectedly jarred by a rogue font pairing or flubbed folios. It’s time. Time to share your creation with the world. Time to receive the glowing appraisals and positive feedback from your appreciative fans and the top book reviewers in the industry. But hold up a minute. You know your book is the cutest, smartest, most precocious book in the world–obviously–but, how will top reviewers or your adoring fans know, unless they read it? And how will they know to read it, if there are currently no reviews encouraging them to do so? Gnarly catch 22. How on earth do you get reviews for your book (so you can sell more books, so you can get more reviews to sell more books)?”

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Getting Published

David Trounce presents How to Publish Your Article | And Avoid Rejection posted at Mallee Blue Media | Create Content that Converts, saying, “An Infographic and article on pitfalls to avoid when trying to pitch your work to online publishers.”


Chrys Fey presents The Four Main Points of View posted at Write With Fey, saying, “A story can be told from one of these four main points of view: First Person, Second Person, Third Person, and Third Person Omniscient.”

Erica Verrillo presents Editors: Why We Love/Hate Them posted at Publishing … and Other Forms of Insanity, saying, “There are all kinds of editors, good ones, bad ones, and many in between. A good editor is one who will give you a run for your money. A bad editor will not do anything at all. Writers who have dealt with editors who are real sticklers may think this is sheer heaven. After all, editors who do nothing are great for an author’s ego. But, believe it or not, there are errors in your manuscript – of internal logic, of grammar, and of sense. But where do you draw the line at radical changes? Learn to tell the difference between editors who will enhance your manuscript, and those who will butcher it here.”

Brendan McNulty presents Understanding the storytelling arc posted at Now Novel, saying, “We write a blog that helps aspiring novelists through tips and tricks on writing, motivation and examples from published authors”

Phyllis Edgerly Ring presents The writing path of flexibility – and faith posted at Leaf of the Tree, saying, “Like so many human endeavors, writing requires a curious balance of flexibility and – faith.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of tips and tricks for writers and authors using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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  1. thomas

    I was just going to publish 3 books through amazon create space and use it as a marketing tool, what do you think? Thanks.

  2. Victor Mbazigwe

    These tips are really worth to take note of Paula! A lot of aspiring writer, and content marketers (including me) who doesn’t know how to transition their ideas and write-ups into books. Now these gives me the idea on putting my old fashioned belief and try these helpful tricks to launch my first successful book. Exciting!

    • Paula

      Good luck Victor! We’re glad you found the tips inspiring.

  3. David at Mallee Blue

    Great Articles. Thanks for the inclusion. Enjoyed Kimberley Grabas’ one on How to Get Reviews for Your Book without begging…

    • Paula

      Thanks for being part of our blog carnival! Kimberly has contributed some great pieces, and we hope to see you again.


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