Amazon Hack: A Quick Tip for More Reviews and Networking with Reviewers!

by | Jan 21, 2014 | Book Marketing Basics

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Did you know that you can thank your reviewers on Amazon and while saying “thank you” is great, here’s the bigger picture: It’s all about relationships. So reaching out to your reviewers is one way to do that. This quick video will show you how to network with reviewers, say thank you and – even offer them another book to review!


  1. Iola

    I disagree. I’ve discussed this with many Amazon users. None like it. In fact, Theo Rogers (in “How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon”) says this about authors commenting on reviews:

    “Every single reviewer I’ve discussed this issue with has wholeheartedly agreed with me. Authors and sellers do not improve their standing by participating in comment threads”.

    Theo goes on to say:

    “When it comes to positive reviews, you actually want the review to look as if it’s not connected to you in any way.”

    Commenting on the review makes it look as though you have a relationship with the reviewer.

    However, reviewers are happy for authors to contact us via the contact details on our profile pages. Most of us have review policies on our blogs. If you want a book reviewed, ask.

  2. Fiona Ingram

    I think it is a great idea. I review many books and I am always interested in reviewing more from an author I enjoy. I may not get to it right away, but if an author takes the trouble to contact me and send a pdf copy, I will certainly make the effort. Another note is that if the review is good, then often an author will include a comment from the review in the front matter of the next book, or a reissue of the original book. It is very flattering, and one’s name comes up as well on Amazon in connection with that book, which is additional publicity if you are (like me) an author as well.


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