Become a Power Pinterest User: Quick and Simple Tips!

by | Jan 8, 2014 | Social Media for Authors

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Pinterest Power Tips! I was just at NMX (New Media Expo) in Vegas and it was fantastic! I also spoke there which was such fun. I attended a session on Pinterest taught by Cynthia Sanchez ( – she was fantastic. We have two videos from her session and some fun Pinterest tools and tips I know you’ll love!

Pinterest board how-to’s: Regardless of how many boards you have, you should have at least 5 pins per board because that’s what shows up in your feed. If you have less, you’ll see blank spaces for pins and that just doesn’t look great.

Using Keywords: Use keywords in your pin description and your bio!

Image tips: Want to get more eyes to your Pinterest images?  Make the images tall instead of wide! That’s why info graphics do so well because they get more visibility in that they are so tall. Keep in mind that images are cut off at 1930 pixels and users will have to “click more” to see the entire image.

Some great Pinterest tools:

Need to manipulate images? Try using (love this site! and it’s free!)

Shot pin tool ( – If you’re pinning content from a website, sometimes the image choices aren’t great or, in some cases, non-existent. ShotPin lets you grab a snapshot of the website instead so you have a more relevant image to pin.

Who do you follow on Pinterest?

Follow only active pinners – how do you know if they are active? Click on their number of pins and see when they last pinned

Don’t forget!

Always add a URL to your Pin description and consider doing branded pins. Those are pins that carry your logo or branding!

Pin tips: It’s always good to pin to multiple boards. Don’t just focus on one board

Pinning video? Don’t just pin the video, grab a screen capture of the video and pin that with a link back to your website to help drive more traffic.

Repinning tips to get you more traffic!

How to maximize your SEO with your Pinterest profile

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