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Amazon Making is shaking things up again, this time with the keywords and book description.

In the past you were allowed, encouraged even, to use similar book titles and author names in your book description. This is no longer the case. Amazon has been notifying people about this but I just spoke with an author who got no notification, her book was simply pulled off of the Amazon site. Do NOT use author names or book titles in your book description or keywords/tags.

Please do not assume because you have not gotten an email from Amazon that your book is safe.

Please check your keywords. Most of the keyword maneuvering has been through the KDP backend (Kindle Direct Publishing) so if you published through some other channel you are most likely okay. But I know that publishers (yes, traditional New York publishers) have been doing this, too so you should check with your editor immediately.

UPDATE: I’m updating this post as I get questions. Here’s more information: There has been a removal of books for offensive keywords. We know this. This is a different matter. This relates to author names or book titles. Here’s the thing: if your book gets dinged it will get pulled. This isn’t just a removal of the buy button, they will remove the book and you have to resubmit it all over again. I just ran through this process with someone so this is first hand information.

We are in the crucial holiday buying season. No one wants to be dealing with this now.

Enhanced by ZemantaUPDATE: Here’s what you need to do to be sure this does not happen to you:

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