Facebook Insider Tips – Video with Amy Porterfield

by | Sep 1, 2013 | Social Media for Authors

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If you’ve wanted to use Facebook to help promote your business, book or build your mailing list there’s now a very easy way to do this. Amy talks about some easy tips and tricks you can implement on your own. This from her new program: Facebook Insider.

Get yours now! http://www.amyporterfield.com/ref?p=bookmkr&w=fbai


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  1. marquita herald

    This is a terrific post Penny and Amy. I’ve made so many notes I finally gave up and bookmarked this page to refer back to – but I’ve got LOTS of things I want to try. The one concern I have is the notion of handing my email list over to Facebook. I guess that stems from a lack of trust, but I have more than one list so I may give it a try on the smaller one and see how it goes. Thanks!


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