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Welcome to the July 15, 2013 edition of tips and tricks for writers and authors. We have a great mix of posts on book sales, book marketing, writing and getting published. We hope you find the advice useful. Thank you to all of this week’s contributors!

Book Marketing

Kimberley Grabas presents Powerful Pictures Perform: How to Create Images That Grab Attention posted at Your Writer Platform, saying, “Images and graphics are an incredibly important tool for capturing your audience’s interest. Like multi-pixel eye-candy for your readers. For many writers, this may be alien territory, but since the importance of images in today’s world cannot be denied–or ignored–finding simple but effective ways to source, edit and incorporate images into your platform building is essential.”

Sarah Bolme presents Back to Basics posted at Marketing Christian Books.

book with cash

Jon Rhodes presents Gain Masses Of Free Exposure With HARO posted at Affiliate Help!, saying, “Here’s how to use HARO to gain loads of totally free publicity.”

Joel Friedlander presents Top 7 Strategies for Blog Marketing posted at The Book Designer, saying, “Marketing your blog just means taking that conversation to other readers, different audiences, in more places.”

Book Sales

Carla King presents Self-Publishing Your Book: Where’s the Money? posted at PBS Mediashift, saying, “There are many ways to sell your self-published print books and e-books, and the associated fees and royalties vary wildly. The highest margins come when you sell from your own online store. You can employ an e-book aggregator/distributor, or upload the e-books yourself to each online retailer. Don’t forget to get into the new (for self-publishers) library market. It’s easy to collect the money. You can get paid automatically by direct deposit into your bank account.”

Getting Published

Nick Daws presents Kindle Worlds Opens for Readers and Writers posted at Nick Daws’ Writing Blog, saying, “Kindle Worlds offers a great new opportunity for writers to profit from writing and publishing fan fiction.”


Hazel L Longuet presents 7 Ways to Fund Your Writing posted at A Novel Experience, saying, “7 simple ways to help you fund your writing – to write, to publish and to promote.”

Chrys Fey presents Writing About: Torture posted at Write With Fey, saying, “The best tip that I could ever give you or any writer who needs to write a torture scene is to think about what you are afraid of. What are your phobias? What are your nightmares?”

David Leonhardt presents Point of View – telling the story from somebody’s perspective posted at A Ghost Writers Blog, saying, “Point of view ins an important writing tool. The short story example shows how simple it is for words to change one’s point of view.”

Amanda @ Writing Cozy Mysteries presents Multi-Dimensional Characters: Why They’re Important and How You Create Them posted at Writing Cozy Mysteries, saying, “Is any book a great book without multi-dimensional characters?”

Donna Alexander presents The Annotated Bibliography: A Researcher’s Pensieve posted at Americas Studies, saying, “A post that discusses the merits of using an annotated bibliography to keep track of research materials and sources gathered during the writing process.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of tips and tricks for writers and authors using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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