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Book Expo AmericaI just returned from Book Expo America, what a fab event! I’ve collected some tips and tweets that I loved about the event. There was so much going on that it’s hard to find everything, but I think these are pretty helpful.



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Best line ever: During the BEA Bloggers Conference, one of the bloggers said that submitting a book to a blogger wasn’t a guaranteed review. She said it’s not like going on a date and saying:  But I bought you dinner!

Best. Line. Ever.


Tweets I loved!


@JaneFriedman: “If you’re trying to giveaway a book or sell it for 99c & it doesn’t go anywhere there’s something wrong w/packaging” #BEA13 

I would 100% agree with this. We hear this a lot from folks: “But I did the free or cheap book and it’s not selling.” In some cases it could be the competition, but likely it’s the book/packaging so go back to that and see what can be fixed/modified or enhanced.


Penny Sansevieri ?@Bookgal Great idea from Wanda Jewell of @SIndies suggesting that book bloggers also recommend their fav bookstores. What a fun idea! #bea13

I love this idea, book bloggers are you listening? This is a great way to help push more readers into stores. Book bloggers are a trusted resource so let them guide you to all things books – like bookstores!


Michael Pietsch sees the 99 cent book as a way to bring a reader to a writer she hasn’t heard of before. Ex. Evelyn Waugh’s backlist. #BEA13

Totally smart and true. That’s why I love this pricing because for $.99 or even $1.99, you’re willing to take a risk on an author you haven’t heard of. Exploring new authors is great, especially when the pricing risk is low.

Riptide Publishing ?@RiptideBooks Poll: DoYOUR local bookstores sell ebooks as well as print? The need for all formats in stores being stressed at #BEA13 keynote.

I’ve said this before in a number of articles. I think that bookstores need to get on board and offer both versions of a book. Why not consider mentioning this to your local store?


RT @janefriedman: RT @LWShanley: Dan Lubart: Self-publishing on Amazon doubled in 3 months from 11/12 to 2/13. Now at 20% #bea13

WOW, I love this stat! What she means is that the amount of self-published titles has doubled, so authors publishing their books. What do you think this means for self-published titles moving forward? More exposure or more competition?


@crollwagen “Amazon controls about 80% of the market of eBooks.” (Robert Gottlieb, Trident) Yep, “controls” is the right word. #thingsthatscareme #bea13

I’m pretty much over the Amazon-hate, but I love this stat. So, if you’re worried that your book isn’t on iTunes or Nook, don’t be. Sorry guys, but Amazon has the lion’s share of sales. And for those authors wanting to cut out Amazon: Think again.


Susan Critelli ?@momzilla54 #BEA13 big publishing is broken if authors are rejected and books are judged only on perceived commercial merit.

Seriously true, this goes back to my article on permission based publishing and why it’s no longer a viable option.


Jason Pinter ?@jasonpinter Author Tip: if your literary agent is too ‘busy’ to attend BEA and asks you to find editors to submit to, they’re not a real agent. #bea13

I wanted to share this because I felt like so many authors I talk to have agents that aren’t really doing much, if anything, for them. If you have an agent that isn’t working for you, you should be shopping your work to someone who will.


I also attended UPublishU at BEA, here are some insights from the panel on creating a bestseller!


Diane O’Connell, Founder and Editorial Director of Write to Sell Your Book, LLC, offered a great tip, she said: “Know your characters inside and out – interview your character like a journalist.” This is really a fun idea if you’re in the process of creating a book, it’s a great way to go a layer deeper into your character. Better yet, have someone else interview you “in character!”

Betty Sargent says, “If you can only afford to hire one person, hire an editor.” AMEN to that. I love this tip because she’s 100% right. Editing is so important.

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