What’s at the End of Your Book (check out this cool promotion idea!)

by | Feb 28, 2013 | Social Media for Authors

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Have you given much thought to what’s at the end of your book? Don’t waste this opportunity to engage with readers! Here’s an interesting video from Otis Chandler of Goodreads.com taken at Tools of Change. From a survey done by Goodreads.

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  1. Andy Shackcloth

    Silly me! I just left this comment on your linked-In post, and only later thought it would also be useful on your source post. (Blush)
    Thanks Penny for posting this, It has made my creative juices flow a bit.

    Picking up on Otis Chandler’s point about the printed and e-ink pages being static and so we can’t put interactive links on them. Yes and no.

    On static pages we can put text about sites, videos, coupons, clubs, etc… Then make it easy for the prospective fan to get involved by placing a QR code beside it.

    If the fan has a smartphone and is QR code savvy, then they can easily interact with the authors other works whilst they are still strongly motivated to do so.

    Of course if they don’t then they will have to type a URL into their computer/tablet/TV/whatever.

    Even then we can give them assistance to connect; yes, put your website URL on the last page but also follow it with a short-code URL, e.g.

    “Want to know what Katie does next? Check out www,katies-story.c0m/katies-story-the-lost-opportunity/previews/chapter-one
    (This short-code will save your fingers, www,bitLy,3th5 )”

    Of course you may have used different short-codes for each different distribution method. Those different short-codes may just have tracking information enabled on them. Would it be useful to know how many people are following up from your different campaigns?

    Thanks Penny, I think this simple idea with a little thought will be very useful.



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