Guy Kawasaki Goes APE Over Self-Publishing – Part 3

by | Jan 11, 2013 | Book Marketing Basics

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Guy Kawasaki

Welcome to part three of my interview with Guy Kawasaki who has written 12 books, 10 of which were traditionally published. His newest book, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur — How to Publish a Book, which helps people understand how and why to self-publish. Guy shares his thoughts on publishing and why he decided to forgo the traditional model and go indie. In this interview Guy talks about where he feels publishing is headed!

Penny: Now that you have experienced self-publishing, and you have talked to a number of people and you have done an enormous amount of research for this book, where do you see the independent publishing industry this time next year?

Guy: That is a good question. Independent publishing is a huge step on the path of the democratization of information. We have gone from the Pope having monks and scribes to people who were lucky enough or rich enough to buy something printed by Gutenberg. This was already a big jump. Then there was desktop publishing i.e. a Macintosh, Pagemaker and a laser printer. Next all you needed was a website or blog and a host. Now if you have a computer, a word processor and Internet access, you can sell your book on Amazon. This is a beautiful thing. I am not saying that all that stuff is going to be good, but at least you have a shot.

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