AME Blog Carnival: Tips and Tricks for Writers and Authors November 26, 2012

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Welcome to the November 26, 2012 edition of tips and tricks for writers and authors, with insights into writing, book marketing, social media and SEO. Thank you to all of the contributors who helped make this a great issue!













Daniel Drew presents The Truth: Press Release Links posted at Content Writing King Blog, saying, “There are many people (specifically in the SEO world) that use press releases as a ‘link building strategy.’ You need to realize that these are ‘paid links’ which by Google’s own rules paid links need to be ‘NoFollow’ links. None of the 3 online press release companies (PRWeb, Businesswire, or PRNewswire) even allow your keyword links to be ‘NoFollow,’ thus right there you are breaking Google’s own rules.”

Book Marketing

Nick Daws presents Top Five Book Marketing Strategies for Authors, plus Bonus Report posted at Nick Daws’ Writing Blog, saying, “This guest post from book marketing expert Dana Lynn Smith (aka The Savvy Book Marketer) sets out five key tips for authors who want to promote their books effectively. Readers can also download Dana’s free, in-depth report on book marketing.”

Peggy Glenn presents Change the View to Write About Yourself – With Feeling posted at Peggy Glenn – WordSmith, saying, “It’s a primer, with examples, on how to step outside yourself, view yourself as others (read: fans) might, and write about yourself with feelings, not just facts.”

Social Media

Jon Rhodes presents Places That Accept Guest Posts posted at Affiliate Help!, saying, “This article tells you loads of places where you can submit guest posts to. If your blog accepts guest posts then you can submit it here for others to find.”

Joel Friedlander presents The Holy Trinity of Abundant Blog Traffic posted at The Book Designer, saying, “How Content, Social and Search work together to get traffic to your blog.”


Jonny presents Smart Blog: How to Find Your Own Writing Style posted at Smart blog.

Laura Roberts presents How to write a novel in just 3 days: It’s easier than you think | Professional Writers of Austin posted at Professional Writers of Austin, saying, “NaNoWriMo is kid stuff. What about writing a novel in just 3 days? I’ve done it, and it’s easier than you might think!”

Karen Rider presents Passion to Write Vs. Desire to Publish posted at Karen M. Rider, saying, “Have you ever given serious thought to why you write? What about the flipside of the coin: Why you want to publish your writing? The reasons writers write, and why they want to publish, are as varied as the differences between writers and the stories they tell.

Unearthing the answers to these questions, for yourself, and understanding how the answers differ from one another can keep your Muse inspired while and keep you moving in the direction of your writing dream.”

Walt Shiel presents Writing Fiction the Walter Mitty Way posted at Making It Easy, saying, “Don’t take the old saying about writing what you know too literally. If you find you don’t already know everything you need to know to write the fiction you want to write, spend some time on research. And then find a way to internalize all those facts so you can write your story. The method I like to use is what I call the Walter Mitty Approach to fiction.”

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