AME Blog Carnival: Tips and Tricks for Writers and Authors September 17, 2012

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Welcome to the September 17, 2012 edition of tips and tricks for writers and authors. We’ve got a range of advice and insights into book marketing, self-publishing, writing, book sales and social media. Thank you to all of the contributors!

Getting Published


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Jenn Crowell presents 10 Tips For Knockout Novel Queries posted at Jenn Crowell: Fiction With Conscience and Heart, saying, “Wondering whether a query letter signed in purple glitter ink is a great way to showcase your creativity? (Hint: the answer is “No.”) Thinking of showcasing your credentials as a surgeon for your medical thriller? (Hint: the answer is “Absolutely.”) My post provides ten tips for making your novel query stand out — in a good way.”

Deborah Niemann presents Rejection Dejection posted at Deborah Niemann, saying, “This post talks about something that writers are all too familiar with — rejection!”

Book Sales

Carolyn-Howard Johnson presents Book Sales Getting Musty? posted at Sharing With Writers, saying, “many authors give up on their book because they base their idea of success on sales, but publicity is likes waves… it’s never too early or too late to promote your book.”


Lorna Collins presents Why I Need an Editor posted at Lorna Collins – Author, saying, “Why do I, even as an editor, still need an editor for my own work? These are the reasons.”

Sally Bahner presents Grammar and Your Writing: Don’t Ignore the Basics posted at Life With Sally, saying, “Self-publishing and blogs let everyone fancy themselves writers. The quality of so much writing makes me cringe and this post is the product of that frustration. I picked up a beautifully illustrated book that had a major typo (it’s rather than its) in the first page and it tainted my whole attitude toward it.

There are so many online resources to help with writing. If that’s what you want to do and if you lack innate talent and/or training, take advantage of them!”

Devorah presents How to Date Your Character posted at Dating Your Character, saying, “There is a new approach to writing characters, and it is fun and helpful. Eight steps to creating characters that are non-stereotypical and market worthy… looking at how to create a dynamic, layered relationship with your character to help you and your reader get inside the story. Developed by a writer, former studio exec and a literary manager who saw the need for better characters they want to see themselves.”


Sarah Bolme presents Do Your Research posted at Marketing Christian Books.

Book Marketing

Joel Friedlander presents The Biggest Secret of Book Marketing Success posted at The Book Designer, saying, “This article talks about what you can do to increase the likelihood that your book will sell.”

Michelle Hughes presents Sell More Books – Free Tips posted at Tears of Crimson, saying, “Sell more books goes over the tips I’ve used to increase eBook sales.”

Social Media

Cindy A. Matthews presents 50 Shades of Great(ness) posted at Confessions of a Blonde Writer, saying, “I’m starting a movement called “50 Shades of Great(ness)” to emphasize the quality of midlist authors and small epublishers.”

Jon Rhodes presents What Muhammed Ali Can Teach You About Blogging posted at Affiliate Help!, saying, “This article looks at the life and career of Muhammed Ali and looks at what lessons bloggers can learn from him.”

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