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Welcome to the September 3, 2012 edition of tips and tricks for writers and authors, with insights into social media, writing, book sales, and book marketing. Thank you to all of the contributors who submitted a blog post – we appreciate your participation!

Book Marketing

English: penulis = writer

Jenn Crowell presents Fundraising Fundamentals for Writers, posted at Jenn Crowell, saying, “Here are six helpful tips for writers seeking grants and other funding for their projects (along with a hearty recommendation of artists’ coach Gigi Rosenberg!).”

Philip Nork presents Things I’ve Learned as an Indie Author posted at Author Philip Nork, saying, “This is a blog post about what I’ve learned as a published author.”

Joel Friedlander presents Should Authors Pay for Reviews? posted at The Book Designer, saying, “Should self-published authors pay for reviews?”

Amy Harrop presents Targeting Your Book’s Target Audience – Finding Relevant Sources for Book Reviews, posted at Amy Harrop’s Blog, saying, “My post details the importance of using blogs targeted toward your book’s audience to more effectively promote your book.”

Sarah Bolme presents More than a Shelf posted at Marketing Christian Books, saying, “Selling books through bookstores.”

Social Media

Valerie Brooks presents Save Your Writing Life: How NOT to Let Social Media Take Over posted at Gobsmacked: Confessions of a Working Writer, saying, “I’ve read so many “complaint” driven articles and blogs about social media sucking up a writer’s time that I decided to be proactive and write about managing social media. My emphasis is on doing the most important thing first–write.

I give practical advice from a standpoint of “writer as business person.” Everything from scheduling writing time, therefore scheduling social media time, to hardcore solutions like have a spouse take the modem to work on the day you write.

This blog post is Part III. Part I starts with an anecdote about how I stumbled across “Do the most important thing first” and Part II includes advice from Cheryl Strayed, Jennie Shortridge, Christina Katz and LJ Sellers about how they manage social media.

All three parts include what I’ve learned from others and by experience.

My interest is in keeping writers writing.”


Luca Zanni presents How to Make Your Blog Truly Unique posted at Luca Zanni, saying, “In this post I talk about how a personal and conversational style of writing is crucial for reader’s engagement. I also give some tips on how to take a post or a piece of writing and edit it so it can strike at the heart of the reader.”

Maribeth presents The Empty Room and Writing posted at Writing Like Crazy, saying, “This post receives the most hits on my blog. I think it is a great writing exercise for writers developing scenes.”

Stephanie Bennett Vogt presents Climbing Your Mount Everest posted at SpaceClear, saying, “I wrote ‘Climbing Your Mount Everest’ to tell my story of triumph (and challenge) as a writer, and inspire readers to hang in there no matter what, and to go for their dream, “whether it is writing the next bestseller, or keeping your email inbox moderately tamed. Included in this piece is a link to an inspiring video message by National Public Radio host, Ira Glass.”

Maryann Miller presents Writing Tips Come From Everywhere posted at It’s Not All Gravy, saying, “This is a post I wrote a couple of years ago about how acting has helped me as a writer. Developing characters is a similar process in both, and I shared how working to become a character on stage helped me to see ways to make my characters real through little details.”

Jean Oram presents How to Make Unlikeable Characters Likeable posted at From the Write Angle, saying, “If you’ve ever had problems with readers connecting with your characters, this article may help. 5 tips on how to make unlikeable characters likeable from villains to heroes. The little things you may have inadvertently done!”

Steven Chang presents Where to Find Quality Content For Your Blog posted at How To Start A Blog: For Fun And Profit!.

Jonathan Milligan presents How to Discipline Myself to Finish What I Start posted at Simple Life Habits, saying, “All authors get inspired about a new book idea. Aspiring authors often lack in the execution phase of writing their book. Here are 4 practical ideas that can help you finish what you start.”

Zac Sky presents How Daniel Grant Newton Followed His Dream and Wrote a Novel posted at Zac Sky . com, saying, “Daniel Grant Newton is a kind, funny, inquisitive, and creative man and he has an impressive story. Not only did he recently quit his job to travel around the world but he also fulfilled his life-long ambition to write (and self publish) a novel.”

Book Sales

Deborah Niemann presents The Road to Writing Riches presented at Deborah Niemann, saying, “This post talks about how much money can a writer reasonably expect to make on a book.”

Jessica James presents The Glamorous Life of An Author posted at Jessica James Blog, saying, “It’s a humorous look at book signings and being an author.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of tips and tricks for writers and authors using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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