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Welcome to the August 20, 2012 edition of tips and tricks for writers and authors, with insights into book marketing, social media, self-publishing, and writing. Thank you to all of the contributors who submitted a blog post and helped make this a great edition!


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Karen M. Rider presents Should Personal Bias affect Why an Editor Rejects a Submission? posted at Soul of a Writer , saying, “You’ve carefully selected the publications to submit your work. You’ve written (and rewritten) your absolute best work. You followed all the submission guidelines. So, why did the editors bounce your short story from their desk into the rejection bin? How much does an editor’s personal bias influence the decision to reject a short story?

Most of the time, when you get a rejection from a literary publication, you aren’t given any reason at all specific to why your submission got bounced. Instead, like me, you receive generic statements that your story is “not what we’re looking for a this time” or even worse, “yours was among hundreds of quality submissions but we’re going to have to turn it down. This is not a reflection, necessarily, on the quality of your writing…”

Nick Thacker presents To Ship or Not to Ship, That is the Question, posted at, saying, “When is “done” done enough? When is “finished” truly finished?

At some point, we, as authors, need to stop tweaking, changing, and altering and just SHIP. Our careers depend on it, but we also want to produce the BEST quality product (book) that we can!

This post goes into the issues a little more.”

Jonathan Milligan presents 5 Reasons You Should Write an Amazon Kindle Book posted at Blogging Your Passion, saying, “Should you write a self-published book? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider publishing on the Amazon Kindle.”

Social Media

Joel Friedlander presents What Offer Does Your Author Blog Make? posted at The Book Designer, saying, “This post challenges authors to define what they’re offering their blog readers.”

Alex Washoe presents Rewriting Sucks (Or: Why Templeton Got Cut) posted at Alex Washoe, saying, “How the rat fell victim to re-writing.”


Judith Briles presents How Should I Publish: New York or On My Own posted at The Book Shepherd, saying, “Publishing options—do you go the NY route or one of the varieties of doing it on your own. Publishing has choices today … what’s yours?”

Book Marketing

Jo Lindsdell presents Google Hangouts for Writers posted at Writers and Authors, saying, “A quick run through about Google+ and the hangouts feature and how writers can use it.”

Ellen Gerst presents How to Promote Your Self-Published Books posted at, saying, “As a grief and relationship coach and prolific self-published author, I have developed winning strategies to promote my 25 books. In this blog post, I share 7 tips on how others can learn to promote their own books.”

Laura Howard presents 5 Ways to Get Readers to Beg For More posted at Laura Howard, saying, “I posted the top five things I think authors should focus on when connecting on the Internet to market their books. I’ve learned that nobody cares about an author or their book unless either they hear it’s great or they like the author once they know them a bit. It’s not really the book they’re selling, it’s themselves.”

Rachel Simeone presents Authors: Why You Should be Blogging About Elvis posted at Zeta Blue, saying, “It describes how authors can and should use current events when blogging.”

Sue Collier presents Create marketing magic with energized editorial and electrified titles, part three posted at Self Publishing Resources.


Linda Austin presents CreateSpace, Lightning Source or Both? posted at Savvy Writers & e-Books Online, saying, “This is a guest post I wrote for Savvy Writers & e-Books. It’s a look at the basics of Amazon’s CreateSpace and of Lightning Source to compare and mentions why authors might want to use both to self-publish. It links to my own blog with resources on memoir writing and self-publishing.”

Phyllis Zimbler Miller presents Social Media Marketing: Can You Ignore Facebook? posted at Miller Mosaic LLC, saying, “I have been experimenting with the “promote a post” option on Facebook, and I wrote this post to both describe that experience as well as discuss whether Facebook participation is a necessity for online promotion purposes.”

Jon Rhodes presents How to Keep Your Blog Posts Alive posted at Affiliate Help, saying, “This article shows you how to keep your old blog posts in the lime light.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of tips and tricks for writers and authors using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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