AME Blog Carnival: Tips and Tricks for Writers and Authors July 2, 2012

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Welcome to the July 2, 2012 edition of tips and tricks for writers and authors. Thanks to all of the contributors for offering their tips and insights!


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Pete presents How to Build a Personal Brand posted at dzine it web design blog, saying, “Building a strong personal brand takes more than just getting fancy business cards or creating a great logo.”

Book Marketing:

Jean Oram presents How to Create a Great Author Tagline posted at Jean Oram, saying, “The value of an author tagline as well as how to write one that emphasizes your brand. Taglines are those short, snazzy sentences you see on some author’s websites that encompasses their brand. It’s the feel of their stories. It’s an instant, ‘Oh, I get it’ for the visitor and reader. You read a good tagline and you immediately know what the author is about, what they write, the feeling you are going to get from their books and basically, exactly what you are in for.”

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Jan Bear presents Article marketing for authors: Attracting readers, post-Panda posted at Market Your Book Blog, saying, “Article marketing lost favor last year when a Google update changed the ranking rules. But article marketing can still get your book in front of your avid readers, especially if you write nonfiction that solves problems or achieves goals. Here’s how article marketing can help your book promotion and how to get the best results.”

Social Media:

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Suzan Colon presents Facebook and Twitter and Blogging–Oh My! posted at Suzan Colon.


Kevin Lydon presents Business Blogging – How to Write a Winning Blog Post posted at Online Marketing Blog for In House Web Solutions, saying, “An article I wrote to help people understand the mechanics behind blogging for business.”

Greg Field presents 6 Ways to Make Money Writing posted at NerdWallet Blog – Credit Card Watch, saying, “Different ways to express yourself and make a profit writing. Enjoy!”

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