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by | Sep 6, 2011 | Book Marketing Basics

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How to Crack the New York Times Bestseller List (and why you might not want to…)

When: September 9, 2:00pm EST, hosted by Penny Sansevieri

So you’re ready for the big time, right? If so you’ll love this webinar. We’ll take a critical look at the biggest and most well-known bestseller list, how it works (which might surprise you) and what it takes to crack the list as well as others like USA Today and the Wall Street Journal.

We’ll discuss the process of hitting a list and why you never want to be an overnight success. You’ll walk away with solid insights and a useful plan for plotting your own success!

Additionally, we’ll look at what you can do online to help surge your book into the forefront of your market!

You’ll learn:

  • Which lists count actual book sales and which don’t
  • Why bookstores can be crucial to hitting “a list”
  • Why “perception” is important to getting on the list
  • How a solid social media strategy can help  you succeed both online and off!

How to register:

Send an email to and put “Bestseller List Webinar” in the subject line and that’s it! We’ll get you signed up and you’ll receive an email with the log in information the morning of the webinar.


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